Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Farewell to SoCal, We Leave For The Yarnless Isles

All good things come to an end. We fly out tonight (a little commuter hopper to LA, which I hope can manage our bags) and then onward to London and Shannon (don't ask, they said it was less expensive that way). It will be hard to leave the blue skies and palm trees of SoCal but at home the primroses and violets will be waiting, while the bluebells will be getting ready for their debut.
It's been a lovely trip. DH is well pleased with his pictures -

like this song sparrow doing what it does best,

and spectacular blossoms displayed with careless ease by roadside trees.

One of our last LYS hunts was to Chula Vista and the Border Leather Corporation, a hint again given very kindly by Pacalaga.

Doesn't look like much from the outside, but just wait till you get inside.

They have a wonderland of yarns from South American hand-dyed to Karabella (yes, Karabella!) and everything in between. I ran from aisle to aisle and tried not to hyperventilate while this lovely lady chuckled and offered suggestions.
(They only got into yarns in a big way lately, but found that they would be charged huge amounts to change their name, so that's why they still go by the Leather name.)

No really good sock yarns right then, while I was there, but I succumbed to temptation on the Karabella side of course, and also some spectacular confections from elsewhere which are already packed away so you will have to wait until I get home for a big Overall Loot Haul Pic. She not only gave me a 20% discount because I was on my way home but also a big plaid shopping bag to pack it all in. She was a darling and so was her daughter (who handles the credit cards because Mom distrusts such new-fangled notions). You have got to go visit this place.

One more trip to La Jolla today, both for Knitting in La Jolla and to feel that sea breeze while we watch the seal pups frolicking on the beach. And then it's time for airports and security checks and all that hassle. Must try to find some 0 size dpns or a wooden circular in that gauge so I can continue on Mad Cow Socks Mk II. My next posting will be from West Cork. Hasta la vista! Here are two farewell pictures -

- the classic

and the less predictable. He has a nice eye, this DH of mine.
Until we meet again, slan agus beannacht libh go leir.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe the Leather Shop. Incredible. And you on your knees in the midst. A moment of ecstasy? Thank you Richard for lovely photos as always. Have a safe trip home.

pacalaga said...

Amazing! I don't think I can lay claim to the hint about Border Leather, since I was amazed and immediately clicked the link to see how soon I could get there! What a great looking shop. I will be checking that out for some souvenir yarn. (Just because I go to CA almost every year doesn't mean I don't need souvenirs...)
Safe travels!
PS - I recently read that someone was expecting a shipment from the Loopy Ewe all the way to NZ - it seems that they'd ship to you as well. Not as quickly, of course, but it's still a source of some delicious sock yarns.

Dympna said...

What a great trip Jo. You had wonderful weather. Hope your trip home is uneventful. When my sister called home on Sunday she was told they had terrible rain and sleet. Hope that is not what meets you.
I've enjoyed the pictures. I've never actually been to the desert. Must make that trip some day.

rho said...

You find the bestest places!!
I love the picture of the flowering red whatever the heck it was :)

This is a friend of mines shop - in fact she holds one of the knitting circles I go to - I know she ships internationally - she is super - things will go out fast (the same day if it is received in time to go to the post office) and she has a great stock of Karabella - which is what I am making my vest out of (guess what color) And Rowan, and Cherry Tree Hill, and and and ....


if the link doesn't work look under Hampton Knitting Yarn on Google. She is also quick on emails and you can call her too if you have any questions.

Just got back from the doctors - couple of shots, one prescription and the best cough med. with codeine so maybe I can sleep for a change ....

Have a safe trip home -- give the girls a hug and pet from me too. Did you buy some special yarn just for Muffy?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until I get back out to California to visit family so I can check out the "leather" shop. Amazing!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed every minute of your trip. Thanks for letting me tag along.

Anonymous said...

Again, it was wonderful meeting you. Have a good , safe trip home, slan agus beannacht leatsa!

Cindy/Snid said...

Bon voyage and lovely, lovely photos. We all look forward to hearing from you again once you are home... so glad you got a taste of our fair state (although up here in the north is a very different kind of beauty!)

Artis-Anne said...

Yet more lovely photos and lush yarn shops that we don't have over here :( How many suitcase full do you have ?
Get you woolies out ,it's been freezing over here these last few days and we have had snow on the mountains brrrr

Marianne said...

Wow, that Leather Shop looked to be one of the very best lys I've laid eyes on...even in a photo!
Safe journey home, I'm wishing you beautiful home weather but hey, if it's still cold and raining, that just gives you guiltfree time with the new goodies, eh?
Beautiful photos.

Dez Crawford said...

I note that Sister Joan is genuflecting in a perfectly appropriate manner when visitng such a cathedral of yarn.

Safe travels home, Jo!

Dez Crawford said...

Eek, how did "Joan" come out of my fingers?

Of course I meant "Jo."

I am far too sleep-deprived to be useful, apparently.

Elinor said...

What a great trip! That yarn shop looks wonderful! I love visiting yarn shops away from home!

Have a safe trip home. It sounds like it will be a long one so I hope you have plenty of knitting!!!

The Woolley Farm said...

I like the pic of you worshiping at the altar of yarn....

Anonymous said...

Jeez Jo , I wouldn't be able to stand up-right either after discovering that shrine to the art of knitting.