Monday, September 25, 2006

Warning: Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Signifies Shuttered Yarn Stores!

Greetings from Jasper, in the heart of the snowy Rockies! Gosh, that was a long drive up from Chilliwack. And don't start laughing, I'd done my mapping homework and I knew exactly the mileage - it just didn't make the actual driving any easier. If anything it was worse, knowing how much more there was still to do.

And of course we didn't leave Chilliwack until midday, firstly because we slept like logs, getting rid of the jetlag, and secondly because there was that yarn store to check out...

The actual owner was away and the lady left in charge didn't know too much about yarn and yarn issues - hadn't heard of the Yarn Harlot (hey, this is Canada, and a Canadian yarn store, right?) and didn't know about Interweave magazine. Still it was a nice packed shop, and I bought the latest Vogue Knitting plus Nancy Wiseman's Shawls, Stoles and Scarves (hope I've got author and titles right since I'm typing this on R's laptop in my knee in the car and can't check) which I'd wanted for some time.

Long long drive to Revelstoke where we arrived late on Saturday evening. And what do you know, although they hadn't shown up on my pre-trip search, this town boasts not just one but two yarn stores, a happy looking place on 1st St. West and an utterly gorgeous Fibre Market on Mackenzie. But of course it was Saturday night, and tomorrow was going to be Sunday, all day, and they were shut, shut, shut! No hope till Monday. DH gently pulled my grasping hands from the door of Fibre Market - which had the most superbly cunning window display I've ever seen - and coaxed me over to Bad Paul's for dinner. A mug of local draft beer (Attila the Honey) restored my calm somewhat, but for the rest of my life I will regret those Revelstoke stores. 'They might not have been any good,' observed DH helpfully. They might not at that. But I'll never know. They might have held treasures unavailable anywhere else in the world. One of you nip up and check, will you? At least you're on the same continent, most of you.

(Blogger is steadfastly refusing to upload pictures, so might have to wait until we get somewhere with better reception - sorry, because they were really nice.)

Revelstoke to that packed and noisy hellhole called Lake Louise and then the beauty of the long road across to Jasper with snowy peaks on either side. Found elk grazing by the roadside just as we hit Jasper which was a treat, and collapsed here for a rest. This morning (Monday) going down to check Stytchen Time on Patricia Street and will let you have all the details later. Peeked through their window last night and saw all kinds of rainbow dyed fleece and hints of irresistible yarns...

Darn it, wish I could get some pictures up. Went out before dawn this morning (we're still waking around 4 or 5, can't adjust to the 9 hours difference) and saw the sun rise over Pyramid Lake. We were absolutely on our own out in the cold beautiful silence, with the mist floating over the surface of the lake and the clouds gradually turning rosy pink. It was a joy and a privilege to be there.

Charity, I wish I do wish I could get up to Prince George but it's just too far. We'll stay here in Jasper till tomorrow and then head over to Tete Jaune and from there turn back towards Whistler and the coast. I really would have loved to see you. Maybe next time? But Peg, I'm on course to see you at Uptown Yarns in Courtenay on the Island around Thursday afternoon or Friday morning if you're in town - I have your phone number so will let you know when we're approaching the coast. Plus planning a final binge in Beehive Yarns in Victoria, where Seasilk has been known to lurk. Anybody who wants to make a fun yarn hunting trip to Victoria next Monday, I'll be there!

Will try once more with the pictures. Hold on.

Nope, no luck. But rest assured, I'm logging every yarn store in every town I pass through (the one in Salmon Arm is closed by the way, although the quilting shop stocks some of those fun fur yarns). And as soon as we reach a location with really good connections, I'll post lots of pictures.




Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

sounds like you are having a great time Jo:) Thanks for yarn BTW, ebay stuff came but no mohair yet?

Anonymous said...

What a delightful road trip, except for those closed yarn shops, (if I had a yarn shop I'd be sorely hard pressed to 'leave it, just saying) Very glad to hear you're catching such magical moments with the nature, even if they are being caught in the wee hours of the morning, which I do tend to love.
Thanks for keeping us posted and... WTF! is the deal with Blogger??
Happy Trails!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy I needed that ..Mum's lost all muscle function in her right arm now.I spent the day trying to get her to the knitting done at all. Sister has taken over so the needles are out.Hope Blogger will let you post pics soon.

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Would someone out there tell Jo that the shops in Revelstoke only sell ACRYLIC!! It would put her mind at ease and give her DH a few brownie points!!
Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday or Friday, Jo. The yarn shopping should be fun. We have some hand painted yarn produced here in Courtenay by Judy McLean, also known as Sweatermaker yarns. I did not tell you about this before, but now I have let you know you will be here for sure!

gwtreece said...

Jo, Don't worry about the missed LYS. OMG, the shop you did visit needs to get their act together, never heard of the yarn harlot. Wow!!!

Anonymous said...

Jo, Be sure to check WendyKnits today. She has a sample of Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed that she is using for cables. Looks perfect.

As for your reports, can't wait for more, more, more. Nice of Peg to put your mind at ease about missing the yarnshops in Revelstoke.

Fiberjoy said...

Your trip sounds beautiful! Can't wait to see the scrumptious pictures.

Wish I could haunt yarn shops in Victoria with you.

May all YS be open, and the skies stay clear.

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing because you called Lake Louise a hell hole....hee hee. Every Canadian thinks of that spot as the quintessence of beauty of our Rockies but no one goes there because it is too busy! =) Okay - not no one. I may have even canoed across the Lake once. Jasper is busy but in a much sleepier way and it is one of my favourite places. It's been awhile since I made the trip, I guess it is time. I wish you had seen some mountain goats and sheep and a bear though. Keep your eyes peeled the whole way back and while you're on the Island for eagles and deer and moose and bears too.
And yes, the trip from Chilliwack to Revelstoke is long. Still, I hope you are enjoying yourself and that people are being warm and friendly.