Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blogger, what are you up to NOW?

Just in case you were wondering, I've been trying to post for two days but Blogger won't let me put any pictures on. And that would be a shame since I have lots of lovely things to show. So I'll try again later.

Botheration! And I so wanted you to see the Pass of Keimaneigh, and all my Alice Starmore swatches, and the Glitz socks having a day out at Gougane, and the little Soay sheep, and my new skein of gorgeous Mango Sorbet sock yarn from Yarn Yard... Still, these sorrows are sent to try us. You can just enjoy thinking of me swearing away here at my computer and wondering if taking a lump hammer to the screen would help (that would be mean really, considering it is in no way the computer's fault). Hopefully at some point this evening Blogger will relent and let me upload the images. ARE YOU LISTENING, BLOGGER?

In the meantime, and so that you may occupy your time usefully, here is a poem to be going on with.

The Shell.

And then I pressed the shell
Close to my ear
And listened well.
And straightway, like a bell
Came low and clear
The slow sad murmur of far distant seas
Whipped by an icy breeze
Upon a shore
Windswept and desolate.
It was a sunless strand that never bore
The footprint of a man
Nor felt the weight
Since time began
Of any human quality or stir
Save what the dreary winds and waves incur.
And in the hush of waters was the sound
Of pebbles rolling round,
For ever rolling with a hollow sound.
And bubbling sea-weeds as the waters go
Swish to and fro
Their long cold tentacles of slimy grey.
There was no day,
Nor ever came a night
Setting the stars alight
To wonder at the moon.
Was twilight only, and the frightened croon,
Smitten to whimpers, of the dreary wind
And waves that journeyed blind -
And then I loosed my ear - O, it was sweet
To hear a cart go jolting down the street.
(James Stephens).


Connie said...

You can get a free account at photobucket.com and then you can load pictures there and it sends them straight to your blog. You can even type the text there if you want. That's what I do when Blogger is acting up. Or if you hold your breath while the photos are loading.....sometimes that helps!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, Jo, I loved 'The Shell', thank you so much for sharing that, beautiful, I can relate.
You can do the photobucket or...yesterday when I was posting I was also having trouble uploading photos, blogger just wouldn't let me do it in the usual bunch of 5, I was in near tears of outrage I can tell you, I then did upload them..one.at.a.time. yep.
Good luck because I dearly want to see them!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, evocative poem. Word pictures for us during your time of frustration.

To amuse you until you get blogger working, can I get even with you for the Seasilk?? Check this out.
The silks and blends! The colors!
They even sell by the cone. Or sell samples for swatching. If you go to San Francisco on your trip to the West Coast, they have a little corner with needles and samples. Once you get your gauge, they will design a sweater to your absolute liking to go with your yarn. I want to live in that shop, or at least go to SF very soon.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the same complaint about Blogger so many times that I am amazed Blogger is still in business.
Since misery loves company, console yourself thinking that you are not dealing with a broken fridge (for ten days) while temperatures are still in the 90s, a broken toilet and a mite infestation. Yep, that's my life right now. Can someone send good vibes my way?

rho said...

Or you can upload to Flickr for free too and it will send them to your blog also.

I want to see pictures ......

Erica said...

I must say that I agree with connie. I have had trouble with flickr, and haven't been able to upload them straight from my computer the last few days either. I've had no trouble with photobucket :)

Anonymous said...

And in the hush of waters was the sound
Of pebbles rolling round,
For ever rolling with a hollow sound.
And bubbling sea-weeds as the waters go
Swish to and fro
Their long cold tentacles of slimy grey.
That sounds exactly as though James has been to the Cape Schank waters near the lighthouse, on the Mornington Peninsula. That very distinctive sound of water returning to the sea over the stones.
I've been indulging in my alpaca fantasy still - just finished the second of three shawls for my son's carer (photos on Flickr - bootscooter552003). I have so much raw alpaca here I feel a tad guilty (only a bit though). It's hard to refuse offer of free fibre!

Fiberjoy said...

Oh the frustration blogger causes at times.
Choice words snagged, chewed and spit about strew the airwaves in vivid shades of reds, purples and orange.
Alas to no avail.
Strong words stutter, and whimper to a whine.

I'll happily settle for your hauntingly picturesque poem.

Unknown said...

YOU WIN! Send me you addy and I'll put a CD in the mail for you!
rita n/

Anonymous said...

Didn't George V say as he passed away "Bugger Blogger" and who could blame him!!

Mia said...

Blogger has been sucking big time lately about posting pictures. But please keep trying because your photos are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Jo, what can I say, just go get a photobucket account, upload your photos there, Blogger wouldn't let me upload today...used photobucket, all is well,... well, mostly....but yeah.