Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm Mad, You're Mad, Let's All Go For Sock Madness!

I must be out of my mind, but when I got an email from Angeluna about Sock Madness I leapt right in. Hurry up, I think you'll still be in time if you rush. As far as I can see you can sign up for either Novice or Expert and then knit within your group. They give you seven new patterns just for signing up. And we don't have to start right away, I think.

Just think of all that sock yarn you've got languishing in the closet. Isn't it time it came out? Isn't it time we had some fun? Come on, I've said 'I will'. Who's coming with me?

(And Stephanie Pearl McPhee is donating a signed copy of one of her books as one of the prizes too. Yo, Steph!)

This is the site.


or, if I got that link wrong,

Get over there right now and email me to tell me I'm not the only lunatic in Blogland.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Jo, for you to be the only lunatic in blogland, there would have to be no knitbloggers or knitblogfans. We're all lunatics, darling. I think that's why we get along so well. :o)

Cindy/Snid said...

Okay. Is now officially your fault. :)
I signed up (we'll see if I get in yet.)

Glad to see your side bars are retstored!

Jean said...

Oh dear, sock madness is terribly tempting. Hrm.

Congrats on getting your hits counter back!

Anonymous said...

Terrific, Jo. I wanted you in there to hold my hand, and thanks to you we have more support. Now let's see if we got in. I haven't heard anything yet. I have no idea which category I should be in. Think I've officially completed 7 or 8 pair, with several worked through the complicated parts but not finished. But I've never completed a toe-up, so don't consider myself any sort of expert. Never mind that I've worked through some Cat Bordhi wedge socks. How hard can toe-up be???? BTW, Mim did a wonderful tutorial on putting a flap heel on a toe-up for anyone like me who does best with flaps. The pattern glimpses looked interesting and different. Wondering about the timing. I actually signed up for STR Sock Camp in the San Juan Islands, so that may/will cut into my SockMadness knitting time. With some of the speed knitters out there, I will probably be blown out of the water pretty quickly.

pacalaga said...

I hadn't heard of it until now, but the idea that there will be sock patterns out there that will never be shared unless I jump on this bandwagon... I suppose curiosity killed the cat, but unless there's money involved that I didn't notice before, I'll just collect my little patterns and knit as well as I can. I've been dying for the sockapalooza to start, but I think Alison won't be able to do it with a new baby, so this should take care of my sock-on-a-deadline fix. I hope I get in.

LaurieM said...

I'm just not that kind of crazy. I hope you enjoy though!

Artis-Anne said...

Well I have only JUST done my first pair of socks so I thought I'd sign up X fingers and hope I get in as it would be such fun :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jo.
I've applied too. Last I read, they still had spaces open, so I'd guess you're in. Don't know about myself, though.
I'll chime in with Angeluna: I am not a speed knitter, and expect to be out in an early round, but I hope to have FUN in the process!

I see you've got your counter back. Hurray!