Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Really really sorry that I got the link to Ms. Knitingale and her hysterically funny tale of a hot night and two cats wrong. And thanks Laurie M for letting me know.

This should be the correct link now:


and I think I've managed to correct it on the posting as well. It really is pure gold!


Lynn said...

Ms. Knitingale's blogs is one of the regular stops on the busline of my mind. And yes, that was a particularly brilliant post.

Anonymous said...

so - how did your puppy manage on her visit to the vet? I think that asking for positive thoughts toward an essential part of one's family is entirely in order. And Scooby (our 3yrold puppy) agrees wholeheartedly!
And by the way, your blog figures on my essential reading list too - I have lurking for many months. Thank you for sharing

cbarnwolf said...

Oh my goodness, that really was way too funny. Thanks for the warning though or else my computer screen could have had a nice film of coffee.

LaurieM said...

You're welcome. I wouldn't want everyone to miss the fun!

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