Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fair Sets The Wind For France

Brief posting as we head for the car ferry to France. This has got to be the most relaxing way to travel these days, given the hassle of airports. And with Brittany Ferries, you get the divine experience of on-board dining too. The only ferry I can think of where you feel you really should dress for dinner! Pity there's a gale forecast...

Only a short break, just to brush up on the culture of baguette breakfasts, long and relaxed evenings over the dinner table, country markets, wine, Calvados - and of course yarn. Will definitely be taking in Landevant, in Southern Brittany, where they don't bother with a tidy display, just tumble boxes of oddments and leftovers and remainders and fell-off-the-back-of-a-camion yarns for your delectation.

And I have a rendezvous tomorrow morning at a secret location where Ouessant sheep are bred. These are the rare little gremlins that look more like tiny sooty footballs than sheep, and I am very very eager to make their acquaintance. Their owner has indicated that a fleece might just exchange hands if Irish bacon were in the offing. Two vacuum packs in a cool bag with freezer brick, ready to go!

But what am I bringing? Yes, that was foremost in my mind the last week or two. The Aran Sandal Socks of course (thanks for the warning on the pattern error, Tania, how lovely to hear from you, how ARE you, oh do let's meet up again soon? I couldn't find what the error was - for some reason the page was closed to me on the Net, maybe I didn't have the necessary pass or something, but I've been able to work it out I think - after all the mirror cable has to go in the centre, right? and that only leaves so many stitches either side, so I'll wing it); and the new love of my life, the entrelac stole in Prism (thunk, clunk, as more ill-advised yarners look up the price). That's from Shawls, Stoles and Scarves, or whatever, you know the book, and I can't get the editor right now, as the book is safely packed in the car and DH won't let me pull everything out again. I have a crib sheet for the socks and stole in my cabin bag.

Dez, thanks for the hint on eking out the Prism (no, STOP it, all of you, get a grip, why do you LOOK it up if it upsets you so much?) from my own stash. I had a lot of fun rummaging around with the precious ball in my hand, checking this, eyeing that.

This is what I finally came up with (lucky we're travelling by car and not by plane, isn't it?)

Centre front the work in progress (difficult to spread it out, as it's one of those knit-a-bit-and-then-another-section things). Behind it, the actual ball of Prism. Ranged all around, various eyelashes, glitzes, shinies, ladders and ribbons. Some of them may look a bit out of place, but believe me, there are ALL KINDS in that Prism, and some very unexpected colours which you would think wouldn't DO at all, but when knitted in, create the most amazing effects.
Again thanks for the hint, Dez. I had a lot of fun doing that (you knew I would, didn't you?)
So, one pair of socks, one stole. You think that's enough for seven days in all, including a 17 hour ferry journey each way? You think I need more? The Sea Wool which I was going to use for Mad Undersea Dance? The Pomotamus in that rather fine sugar pink fingering? The Noro dolman sleeve? Oh heck, twenty minutes to off. Better think fast.
I really really will try to post en route, but France isn't that wild about the Internet as yet, so it will have to be a lucky chance. Otherwise, look for me next Saturday evening, once I've collected the dogs and put the Calvados somewhere safe.
A bientot. Soyez bien!


LaurieM said...

Take the Dolman. It's boring so it will let you concentrate on the beautiful scenery and your husbands conversation!

Go girl!

Charity said...

Ah, take it all! You're driving, right? :0) Have fun, I can't wait to see it all when you get back!

BTW, Jo, we look it up because you keep talking about it, and we can't imagine it really is as bad as it sounds, and then it is! Really, quite horrifying - but beautiful!

Cindy/Snid said...

Okay, now I am jealous! Sounds like a great trip Jo and you will ALSO get to enjoy some beautiful scenery and fine wine! See, we all have our beautiful resources at hand. And the yarn... looks yummy. I am resisting looking it up for the sake of my sanity, I have had my yarn splurges this month already and I am trying to be good. Maybe I need to pledge to knit from my stash or something- Anyway.. have fun!!!!!!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh boy I don't envy you that crossing in a gale !!!
I love Brittany, again very like us Celts :) even the language has some similarities.
Have fun and I'm sure you will come home laden with goodies !!
Thanks Jo,you have given me ideas of using up all that ribbon , eyelash yarns that I was thinking of throwing out ;)

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Have fun! Drink lots of French wine, eat lots of baguettes, cheese and anything else delicious. Knit wherever and whenever you want! That all sounds perfect to me. Take a few extra needles, as you rummage through that delightful sounding collection of yarns, you will probably want to cast something onto the needles before Richard has the car in reverse! Just plain have fun!

Anonymous said...

oooo...have a fantastic time! And I agree with charity -- take it all. I do that with books when I go on vacation, don't touch most of them, but at least there was a selection! :)

I look forward to pictures, too!

Anonymous said...

D'ont forget to have some Crepes Breton for me, salty or sweet!! They are all good. You have made me sooooo nostalgique. OMG, the yarn crawl. Can you just imagine plural stash collectors rummaging in tandom???

Traci said...

hmmm...that is a tricky question on what to bring. either way, i'm glad you're taking the prism stole because my selfish tendencies and i can't wait to see it finished!
safe journey and don't forget the camera!